Types Of Car Seat Infants Should Use

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Expecting parents often are excited to buy stuffs for the upcoming new member of the family. Baby clothing, diapers, baby strollers, and infant toys are carefully chosen by parents for their baby. Parents, however, should also carefully choose the car seat that will be used by their baby. According to the Mayo Clinic, the #1 mistake parents make when selecting car seats for their children, is to buy used car seats without properly researching that seat’s history.

Child seats in vehicles are required to protect younger children and babies in an unfortunate event of a crash. Child seat use are required because vehicle seat belts are not protect younger children during crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a children car seat recommendations to guide parents in buying car seats. New born babies until the age of three are only required to ride in a vehicle with a rear-facing car seat. Children who have already exceeded the size limitations of rear-facing car seats may use forward-facing car seats until approximately reaching the age of seven. Booster seats on the other hand are required to children whose maximum age is 12 years old. Booster seats are used to firmly secure a child while restrained by a regular seat belt. Children whose age is 12 years and older may no longer use car seats as they can be restrained by seat belts. Car seats often come in different designs depending on the child’s age and built. Parents may want to check the NHTSA official website if they want to know more information about child car seats.

According to the website of the Spiros Champaign Law Firm, it is important for parents to carefully choose the right car seat that should be used by their children to protected them from serious injuries caused by other vehicles. Children are left seriously or fatally injured when they got involved in car accidents. Parents unfortunately often have to deal with expensive hospitalizations when their younger loved ones are injured in such accidents.

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