Reducing Construction Site Accidents through Strict Observance of OSHA Regulations

Oct 22, 2016 by

Though job-related accidents that result to injuries, illnesses or deaths are always possible in any type of work environment, accidents in construction sites still account for the highest number of injuries and fatalities. Every year, more than 800 deaths and thousands of injuries result from construction site accidents which are actually nothing more that consequences of others’ acts of negligence or carelessness.

Federal and state laws which mandate the creation and maintenance of a safe and healthy work environment for the safety of all employees is strictly enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). The federal and state health and safety standards required by OSHA of all employers are meant to benefit 30 million workers in more than 8 million work sites all across the nation.

Since OSHA came into existence in 1971 (as an offshoot of the Occupational Safety and Health Act or OSH Act of 1970), it has made a profound effect in the industrial field, significantly reducing the number of injuries by 67% and deaths by 65%. Thus, from the 38 daily fatalities registered during the 1970s, the strict implementation of OSHA rules, especially during the last few years, has resulted to only 12 daily fatal accidents (in construction sites) during the 2012 period.

Besides the OSHA-identified “Fatal Four” or four major causes of accidents (falls, being by struck by an object, electrocution, and being caught-in/between), there are also scaffolding problems, vehicle accidents, and crane collapse accidents.

Getting hurt in a construction accident, which can happen suddenly and without warning, can leave people seriously injured and struggling to cope with the consequences of their injuries which include costly medical treatment, loss of wages and recovery treatment, among others. Due to these, plus the pain and sufferings undergone by the victim, Milwaukee injury attorneys point out the possibility and possible eligibility of victims to take legal action against the liable party to pursue compensation for their medical bills and other losses. Liable party can include their employer, the building or property owner, contractors, and/or machinery manufacturers.

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