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For gun enthusiasts, suppressors are handy tools that provide a number of benefits. Contrary to what the movies portray them to be, gun suppressors, or “silencers” as they are commonly known as, does not necessarily silence the sound of the gunfire, rather they lessen the distinct sound of gun shots to varying degrees. In some countries, gun suppressors or silencers are monitored by their firearms legislations. In the United States, gun suppressors are classified as silencers according to the National Firearms Acts of 1934, and are under the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) as dictated by federal law.

A very good gun suppressor makes it hard for people to detect the shots from other natural or environmental noises, while bad ones may not be able to hide the sound of the gunshot being fired. Most suppressors can still give way to a measurable amount of noise because the sounds are leaving from the ejection port and the projectiles produce noise when the gun is fired. In order to combat this, there are low-powered distinct ammunition and/or gas systems which can be turned off and subsonic bullets that cancel the sonic cracks of the bullets in-flight. It is important to choose the right gun suppressors in order to get the best benefits from gun suppressors.

Aside from reducing the sounds of gunshots, silencers are often used by the military for their ability to lessen the visual signature, since muzzle flashes during night fights can be very dangerous. Good gun suppressors also reduce the dust and sand signatures when shooting prone. Many people are more familiar with the detachable silencers, but there are other types of gun suppressors, such as the integral ones. Integral suppressors are the types where the suppressors are part of the rifle or pistol barrel, often built around it. They are often permanent and can be very effective in reducing the visual and audible firing signatures. Although albeit costly to buy and maintain, integral suppressors products from Zion Armaments, and others in the market, does bring more affordable alternatives that makes them a very popular choice for gun owners.

Integral suppressors from Suppressed Weapon Systems, along with other types of suppressors, are deemed a practical and useful support to guns. However, the use of them in the United States is still censured and is usually not legally allowed to use for hunting. Because of the many benefits of gun suppressors, many gun owners hope that it will be recognized as a very useful aid to various shooting activities.

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