Dangers of Speeding

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Millions of Americans are injured in car accidents due to speeding every year. The injuries from these accidents range from minor scrapes to death. The financial damage from these reckless driving incidents results in billions of dollars in repairs to property and medical expenses. Speeders who are caught have to pay fines. Those who are not stopped and go on to harm innocent people end up costing society much more.

Speeding is defined as exceeding the designated speed limit on a public road or driving faster that conditions allow. The act of speeding affects the driver’s ability to control the vehicle, creating an unsafe situation for the vehicle operator and the bystanders in the area. The driver may be unable to stop quickly, navigate turns along the road, or react to the driving of other drivers sharing the road.

Around 30 percent of vehicle accidents are an outcome of speeding. Speeding increases the severity of damage when a collision occurs. For every 10 miles over the speed of 50 mph, the impact force of the colliding vehicles doubles. As the crash force increases, so does the likelihood of serious injury or death.

Drivers choose to speed for a number of reasons. They could be in a rush, not paying attention, not believe their driving is dangerous, or under the misconception that the law does not apply to them. While any one could be at fault for speeding, the risk is more prominent in young men. As age increases, the likelihood of speeding or being involved in a fatal speeding accident decreases.

The financial damage to a person or property in speeding accidents can be substantial. The physical damages sustained in an accident may require expensive medical bills or leave from work to recover. The emotional damages after being involved in a frightening accident can also be severe. If you or a loved one was involved in an accident due to a driver that was speeding, contact a personal injury attorney in your area to inquire about compensation for the injuries you suffered.

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